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Bond Reductions

Bond Reductions


In most cases, a defendant is entitled to be released on bail while awaiting trial.  Bail is essentially insurance or security given in exchange for the release of a jailed defendant to ensure that he will appear in court when summoned.  Defendants who are entitled to bail may also be released on their own recognizance – that is, released without having to post bail – at the court’s discretion. 

Although the court will often refer to a bond schedule when determining the amount of bond in a particular case, bond amounts can differ greatly.  The court will look at many factors when setting the bond amount, including: 

  • defendant’s address
  • defendant’s occupation and employment history
  • defendant’s financial condition
  • defendant’s ties to the community
  • defendant’s risk of flight
  • defendant’s family life and circumstances
  • defendant’s prior criminal history
  • facts of defendant’s case

In some cases, the court may set a bond that is extremely high, which often results in the defendant remaining in jail until his or her case is resolved. In these circumstances, an experienced criminal defense attorney can seek to have the bail reduced by filing a Motion to Reduce Bond or a Motion to be Released on His or Her Own Recognizance, stating the reasons that bond reduction is warranted.   Such reasons may include the defendant’s standing in the community, lack of criminal history, family ties, etc. 

At Rice Law Firm, we are concerned with protecting the freedom of our clients.    Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of bond reduction law and are experienced in arguing bond reduction hearings.  We are skilled in gathering and presenting testimony that will demonstrate the unlikelihood that our clients will flee, thereby increasing the probability that the court will grant a bond reduction. 

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