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Divorce on the rise

It may come as no surprise that  the coronavirus crisis has caused a surge in divorce cases the world over.  Statistics in the U.S., Great Britain, China and Sweden confirm that increased pressures at home has led to the spike . Tensions created by the quarantine, including  decisions about the children’s educational settings,  finances, methods of coping with anxiety and attitudes about handling medical treatments, as well as increased domestic turmoil around the division of labor are at least some of the  contributing factors.


The process of getting a divorce, traditional litigation,  has changed due to court closures and the secondary effects of the pandemic.  Rules have been adapted to permit parties and lawyers to appear remotely  for mediations and court dates. Therapists and guardians as well as financial experts must  attend to clients from afar. What used to take a few hours, might take twice as long due to backlog and crowded court calendars,  creating added frustration and adding to the mental and emotional toll on the couple.  The use of technology is now key to every aspect of your divorce. The good news is that settling or engaging in the collaborative process becomes more attractive than ever. 


Here at Rice Law Firm, our experienced marital and family law attorneys are well equipped with the  technology and know how to address the changes in the system and to provide you with the knowledge you need to navigate your divorce. 


While making the decision to divorce may have become even more difficult than it usually is, armed with up to date  information, you can chose wisely. Give us a call at 386 257 1222 and we will schedule a consult to discuss your unique situation and provide an opinion about how to customize your own approach to a divorce or post-judgment matter.