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Do I Need Other Professional Help?

The goal of every good divorce lawyer is a final judgment dissolving the marriage, with the least financial and emotional impact for her client. No two divorces are exactly alike as each divorcing couple presents with a different set of facts.

Part of the divorce is financial and part of it is emotional. With counseling and professional guidance from a financial planner, during or prior to the divorce, couples may avoid some problems associated with living in two households instead of one. Your divorce attorney will show you how the assets and liabilities will likely be divided according to Florida law and explain the rules concerning spousal and child support, but he or she cannot repair past financial errors or guarantee you a financially sound future. Many divorces occur because of various forms of financial infidelity such as  over-spending, credit card abuse or hiding assets.

As to the emotional part, you may need a therapist or counselor to assist with the loss of the marriage.  Individual and family therapy during the divorce can be very helpful, especially when co-parenting children will continue. Professionals such as parenting coordinators and divorce coaches, specialize in the types of problems confronting the divorcing couple, whether it is substance abuse, infidelity or general mental health. 

Here are Rice Law Firm, we have developed reliable resources over three decades of service to the community. Should you need additional professional help during the divorce, our experienced lawyers will point you in the right direction. 

Should you have questions about how to start your divorce or if you have ongoing problems after the divorce, please call for a one hour consultation to get your questions answered: (386) 257-1222