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High-Asset Divorce

High-Asset Divorce


The family law attorneys at Rice Law Firm have handled all types of divorces, including those involving considerable financial holdings, significant marital assets and substantial pre-marital property. Such high-asset divorces are often very difficult and can involve complicated equitable distribution issues, as well as complex laws of finance and taxation.  Many cases will involve inherited property, real estate, intellectual property, professional practices or family businesses. Division of assets in these cases often requires the assistance of experts in other fields, such as accountants and appraisers, to assist in valuation of the property.  Our attorneys will work closely with these experts to locate all marital property and to obtain an accurate determination of value.

There are often other issues that arise more frequently during high-asset divorces. Many of these divorces will involve previously executed prenuptial agreements that can impact the division of property. Such agreements will need to be closely examined to see whether its terms should be challenged or enforced. The potential for hidden assets is yet another concern, especially in high-asset divorces.  Spouses will often resort to extreme measures to try to hide money and/or property from their soon-to-be ex-spouses.  The attorneys at Rice Law Firm will work tirelessly to find and prove hidden assets. 

If you are contemplating divorce and have substantial assets, you should procure the services of an experienced law firm that will protect your interests and ensure that your assets are fairly divided. The family law attorneys at Rice Law Firm will work closely with you to protect your interests and to ensure that your assets are distributed fairly and properly.

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