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Injunctions/Domestic Violence Injunctions

Injunctions/Domestic Violence Injunctions


In the state of Florida, a spouse or family member who is the victim of domestic violence or has been threatened with imminent violence may seek an injunction (commonly referred to as a “restraining order”) prohibiting contact with the person named in the injunction. An injunction can apply to almost any incidents of violence between spouses, ex-spouses, family members, people who live together, and people who are romantically involved. The purpose of the injunction is to provide the victim with immediate protection.

To obtain such protection, a party must file a petition for a domestic violence injunction. A judge will review the petition and decide whether to grant or deny temporary relief. If the court determines that the petition is valid, a temporary injunction will be issued by the court which will be effective immediately. The matter will then be set for a full hearing within 15 days to determine whether a permanent injunction should be issued.

In addition to injunctions for protection against domestic violence, Florida law also provides for injunctions for protection against repeat violence, dating violence and sexual violence. The type of injunction obtained depends on the nature of the relationship between the victim and abuser.

Our attorneys can assist you if you need to seek a domestic violence or ther injunction. We will work aggressively to ensure that you are protected. 

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