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Job Loss and Support Obligations – What Do I Do?

If you have lost your job as a result of the COVID-19 downturn, you may be eligible for a temporary abatement or a permanent modification of your child support or spousal support obligation.  The key is to request such a modification before it comes due!

First, if you are paying support you should let the receiving party know you have lost your job. It is critically important that you file a proper pleading with the court at the earliest time possible if you can’t make a payment, as the receiving party has a vested right in the delinquent support until a court enters an order abating, modifying or terminating support.

The courthouses in Volusia and Flagler Counties are closed for the next couple of weeks. That does not mean you shouldn’t consult with an attorney if you owe support and have lost your job.

We can arrange a consult in person, by phone or by Zoom to discuss your particular situation. We do much of our communicating by email so the required forms may be printed and scanned and filed through the E-Portal from here.

I can help you understand your options and whether or not it makes moral or financial sense to pursue a temporary abatement or modification of your support obligation.

Call me today for a reduced price on a consultation regarding this issue or any other issue during the crisis.  I usually charge $150.00 per hour for the consult, but for the next two weeks, I will charge only $100.00.

I look forward to helping- ask for Elizabeth King

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