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Mental health issues in your divorce

Mental health problems including depression, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, narcissism and anti-social disorders play at least some role in so many divorces.  Studies show that symptoms associated with such problems contribute to the likelihood of divorce.  The stress of the divorce can aggravate these conditions.  Depressed spouses can have trouble engaging and motivating to finish tasks. Anxiety disorders raise the level of stress and may lead to substance abuse to ease tension- making matters worse. The spouse of a person with mental health problems may take on more responsibility than he or she can handle and become overwhelmed as a result.

During a divorce be sure to develop your support network of friends and family. Be realistic about the mental condition of everyone involved including the children. If you need to seek help from a mental health counselor, do not hesitate. The mental health of the parents is one factor the court will consider in establishing a parenting plan in Florida.

Depending on the circumstances, social and psychological evaluations are available upon a motion to the court, at a cost to the participants. In collaborative divorce a mental health neutral assists the parties in communicating and working through their issues to reach a settlement.

Here at the Rice Law Firm, we maintain a list of referrals for our clients who face difficult, high conflict or high-stress divorces. Our staff is experienced and trained to help ease your strain during divorce.

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