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What do you need to know about white collar crimes?

The term for “white collar crime” was created in the year of 1939 during a presidential address. They are offenses that are not violent and usually deal with the financial sector. Examples of white collar crimes can range from embezzlement to bank fraud to perjury. The offenses can result in a lengthy prison sentence and a conviction can be destructive on many different levels from families to companies.

Most of the time a white collar crime will either be a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the aspects of the case. This can range from the value of the items involved to the criminal history of the defendant. It’s also important to know that white collar crimes can also be prosecuted at both the state and federal level as well. Federal court procedure rules are different than those at the state level and sentences can also be harsher than within state courts.

Federal white collar crimes are fraud cases that are against the federal government as well white collar crimes that stretch across state lines.

In most white collar cases, the party that is accused usually knows that they are under investigation before any charges are brought against them. Potential white collar crimes charges demand immediate attention. This allows contact between the prosecutor and defense attorney at the earliest chance possible. This is beneficial from the standpoint that it will start the game plan of a defense strategy for the defense.

There is another benefit of hiring a defense attorney at the earliest chance possible with white collar crimes. It may help the defense either lessen or get the charges dropped against the defendant by being ahead of the curve in relation to the charge(s). Being charged or even being investigated with a white collar crime can be catastrophic to your career as well as the company you work for. If you or your company have been charged or are being investigated for white-collar crimes it is paramount to have legal counsel at your side to defend your rights.

The importance of having a defense attorney at your side for white collar crimes at the earliest onset of the case cannot be underestimated. It is vital that when you are under investigation have someone by your side right away to guide you through the process and defend your rights through the process.

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