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White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes


White Collar Crimes are serious offenses that are most often related to financial issues.  A white collar criminal charge, by itself, often results in significant professional harm and personal trauma, and the stigma that often accompanies the charge adds to the damage. 

White Collar criminal defense is complex and often requires specialized knowledge and a specialized legal defense.  Depending on the agencies involved, a white collar crime may be a federal offense.  The criminal defense team at Rice Law Firm includes a former federal prosecutor who is familiar with the federal system and experienced in federal criminal litigation.  The criminal defense attorneys at Rice Law Firm defend clients in state and federal courts against many white collar crimes, including, but not limited to:

  • embezzlement
  • money laundering
  • banking fraud
  • healthcare fraud
  • insurance fraud
  • perjury
  • identity theft or credit card theft
  • racketeering
  • organized scheme to defraud
  • Mortgage fraud

There is a wide range of criminal penalties for white collar crimes, but penalties often include a prison sentences and substantial fines.

In many white collar criminal cases, the accused knows that he or she is under investigation before any formal charges are filed.  A benefit of this knowledge is that you can seek the advice of an attorney at a very early stage.  Retaining legal counsel at the earliest opportunity is imperative in order to avoid making mistakes that could strengthen a criminal case against you.  Moreover, the early involvement of an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney may help you avoid the filing of formal charges by the state or federal prosecutor or could result in the subsequent reduction or dismissal of the charges against you.  Another advantage of securing legal counsel at an early stage is that it allows for early contact between your criminal defense attorney and the prosecutor, which is beneficial in the formulation of a strong defense strategy. 

To ensure that your rights are protected, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Rice Law Firm today through our web mail contact form, or through our main office number, 386.257.1222. We understand that you may need our assistance after-hours or on the weekends, and in such situations, we can be reached at our after-hours number of 386.255.2464.

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